Dealing with Infertility

How do we support each other through this?

She is crying. Again. She screams.  Loud.  A few times.  He comes running... through tears, she profusely apologizes.  I'm so sorry.  He's confused.  And relieved she's not hurt.  Physically...  Soon enough, he understands.  The test came out negative.  And he sees he was wrong. She is hurt.

The brave wounded hearts of couples suffering through infertility can be unbearable.  They will often end up missing each others' cues, needs, and opportunities of connection.  Hormones, shattered anticipations, tests, temping, blood tests, egg tests, IVFs, egg counts, sperm counts, parents' pressure, babies, friends, adopting, hopes and pains...  Infertility entails so many different aspects to emotionally process.  Make sure you build your bond to a place where you are able to work through the emotional challenges together.

Through couples counseling, you can find and build the connection for comfort and understanding that you're longing for from each other.   


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