Fees and Insurance

My fees are $175 per 50 minute session and $210 per 60 minute session.  I am not in any insurance networks.  You can pay from your HSA account, or I can give you invoices to get reimbursed from your HSA account.  I can also help you fill out forms for reimbursement from your insurance for out of network services.   

Many PPO plans will cover a portion of the cost after you reach your deductible, and some HMOs will cover a portion of the sessions as well.  I don't claim nor even try to understand the health  insurance reimbursement system these days, and I do not make any guarantees about reimbursement.  You should ask your insurance whether they will cover a portion of our sessions, how much, whether there's a deductible that has to be met first, and then you can ask them why they make things so difficult. ;)