"My wife and I have gone to a number of marriage counselors, family therapists, psychologists, etc., to deal with issues in our relationship over the nearly twenty-five years of our marriage... We hadn't found anyone who we thought helped us...  The most effective individual we've consulted, by far, has been Josh Marder."

"Josh  has the insight to recognize and apply technique...  to bring real help in serious areas of our relationship."

"Josh helped us discover new ways to interact when we're with each other...  Now, we are much better able to deal with each other in ways that advance us toward solution, rather than continuing on a course that keeps us away from even recognizing that a solution might exist.  Thank you, Josh."  

"We feel so secure and deeply connected!" 

 "Josh's warmth and wealth of knowledge creates a safe space to learn a new language of closeness in a marriage."