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I have two assumptions about you that I want to share.  First, you are human.  Second, you are in a relationship.  Being human means at your core you need to feel understood, accepted, supported, and secure.  Being in a relationship means you seek a bond of comfort with your partner.  We will build that bond together.

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You can watch this 2 hour training I gave recently to 50 local therapists on how to work with clients in an online forum.  I always want to be transparent to my clients about what I am doing and why in our work together.  I want you to feel comfortable and secure in our space that this makes sense and we're going where you want to go in our work.  If you like to see "behind the scenes" in the therapy world, check this video out!  


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I specialize in couples counseling for the Chicago and Northshore area.

After training for over a decade in the best of couples therapies, my career is dedicated to helping couples and families find hope, connection, understanding, and love in their relationship.  

Recreate your emotional bond of intimacy and connection.

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 Dedicate a day to build your bond.  Watch this 1 minute video about the Hold Me Tight Chicago One-Day Couples Retreat.  Click here to find out more.