Emotional Intimacy

How do we bring back the intimacy?

Connection.  Passion.  Cuddling.  Support.  Love.  Acceptance.  Romance.  Affection.  Sex.  Bonding.  Where did they go?  

As time goes on, life goes on too.  Everyone has their stressors that make life challenging for them. Kids.  Parents.  In-laws.  Siblings.  Financial strains.  Sickness.  Mid-life crisis.  Kids moving out.  Jobs are gained and lost.  Homes are moved into and out of.  Friends come and go.  Death of loved ones and confrontation with our own mortality.  

Inevitably, the relationship is strained.  The bond suffers.  We all need to feel support, help, acceptance, and care.  Most couples need to readjust to these changes and needs.  It's not always easy, and we often fumble.  

Through our therapy, you will learn new ways to understand, connect, and share with each other.  We will create the bond and space together for you both to experience the love and connection that you long for.

Love is not a mystery.  It can be kindled and shaped.  Intimacy can be ignited and strengthened.  Through our work, you will learn about each other and yourselves and how to build and sustain a bond of love and connection.


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