Intimacy Challenges

Where did his/her libido go?

Modern science has shown us direct correlation between the sexual experience and the emotional bond.  If we are not emotionally bonded, the sexual experience is not the same.

Whether it's a lack of sexual desire, sexual pleasure, or emotionally bonding through sex that is missing in your relationship, you don't have to live that way.  Through healing your emotional bond, there is a direct correlation to healing your sexual bond and experience.

When there is a secure emotional connection between the partners, the physical intimacy is an expression and experience of that bond.  Their sex is fulfilling, satisfying, and bonding.  Research has shown that married partners who have spent years together and built up emotional security have more frequent and more satisfying sex than non-married couples. (from Dr. Sue Johnson's Hold Me Tight, based on research of Edward Laumann of University of Chicago).


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