Online Couples Counseling


Is it really possible to heal and repair our bond through online counseling?

Yes!  Many couples whom I have worked with in person and online have told me they prefer the online forum.   Being in your home means you experience the positive changes in your dynamic in the exact space you need it the most.  Experientially, the mind and body feel more acclimated to the changes in your interactions as our work progresses.  It becomes natural to transition the work we are doing into the confines of your home... because you're at home! :)

How does it work? Is it different than in person?

The same concepts that guide my work in person, the research behind the human need for connection and how it is sought, guides my work online.  However, some of the techniques I use are slightly modified to the online forum.  For example, I will do more reflection of what I'm hearing and check in with you more often to make sure I'm understanding each of you correctly.  I don't have the body language and non-verbal messages as clear when only seen on the screen, so I want to make sure I'm understanding you clearly as we delve into tender spaces that have not always been articulated explicitly.  

Do we need special equipment?

I strongly encourage that we meet on a computer (not a cell phone), and that it is a space where you are comfortable and not distracted.  Also, basic lighting is helpful, so I can see you. :)

We are dealing with serious stuff. Can online counseling really help us?

I work with all levels of escalation online, from raging anger to silent stonewalling and everything in between.   Yes, the online forum is a space where you can receive the help and support you need in your relationship.

Can you tell me more about working online

Sure!  We could set up an initial 15 minute consultation to go over any questions you may have.  You can also check out a 2 hour training I gave for 50 therapists in the Chicago area on how to work with couples online at   

How do we get in touch with you?

You can send me an email at or call me at 773.225.2118.  Or use the link below.  I look forward to connecting with you!