Recovery From Affairs

Can you heal after an affair?

It is possible.  Statistics show that 65% of affairs can be healed with proper therapy.  

Trust and safety were lost.  It is profound pain that is experienced when the deepest trust is breached by a partner.  That trust can be regained and held on to for years to come.  The right therapist and therapy is crucial for you both to get the support you need to heal.

The guilt and shame can be unbearable.  How did this happen?  How do we recover?  Can we ever find the love we had?  

Through our work, we will develop an understanding and a safe space for both of you to explore the experience, the pain, and the hurtful but integral question of how it happened.  We will have to sensitively address where the relationship was at that time, and we will gently work through the pain caused in order to heal through it.  Couples who share can heal.  You can rebuild your bond.  

As the relationship heals, the trust can be rebuilt.  

Don't go through the pain alone.  Get the help and support you need to work through this.


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